Queue Manager

The Queue manager consists of two separate programs. The client program is a small C# program designed to be installed on a windows based POS System. The server is designed to be installed on a low powered computer hooked up to a monitor at the start of the customer queue line. These 2 programs are designed to allow a cashier to easily press a call button on the till to request a customer to go to their till.


Queue Client Source Application Installer
Queue Server Source Zip

System Requirements

Queue Server

  • Java 7 or newer


  • Microsoft .NET framework 4
  • Windows XP or newer operating system
  • OR
  • Any web browser with an internet connection

Server Configuration

The server lets you configure:

  • The sound that plays to notify next customer
  • The arrow directing customers to the correct till
  • The minimum time between calls
  • The duration of the call massage will appear
  • The port used to communicate


To set the angle of a till enter the till number (on its own line) followed by the angle of the arrow in degrees.


1 90
2 45
3 30


The properties.config file is the generic configuration file for the Queue Manager Server.

Property name Description Default Value Allowed Values
CHECK_DELAY The frequency (in milliseconds) of how often the display class will check to see if there are any new calls from tills 500 Any positive whole number
DELAY This is the minimum time (in millisecond) the queue server will display a waiting screen even if there is already another request from a till. 1000 Any positive whole number, use 0 for no delay
CALL_TIME The duration (in milliseconds) the call screen will be displayed 5000 Any positive whole number
PORT The UDP port used for communication between the clients and the server 50000 Any whole number between 1024 and 65535
FULLSCREEN Specifies if the program should start full screen or in a windowed mode TRUE TRUE or FALSE

Network Layout

The computers need to be on the same network, its recommended that the Queue server has a static IP or a long DHCP lease so the client will always be able to access the Queue server at the same IP address.

Network Layout

The Client are able to detect the server IP address by sending out a broadcast UDP packet. If the server is running it will respond with information saying its the server, the IP address from that response will be used for the auto-configuration of the tills IP address and port.

The Client till number is saved in the user settings, once the till has been entered once (and saved) it will remember the till number.

The server has a web-server running on port 8081 by default, clients can connect to the website by typing http://:8081 into their preferred web browser.

Queue Manager web based configuration screen
A screenshot of the webpage default configuration the first line is the till number, this will be saved as soon as the call button is pressed for the first time